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Who is DPG?

Digital Performance Gear: Who are we and how can we enhance your Marching Arts Visual Program 


Table of Contents: 


  • 1. Introduction 

  • 2. Our Products and Services 

  • 3. Why DPG? 

  • 4. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

  • 5. Contact Us Today! 


  1. Introduction: Transforming Visual Productions with DPG


Welcome to DPG, your premier destination for all your marching arts visual production needs. Focused on digital printing within the marching arts, we provide top-quality marching band uniforms, color guard costumes, floor tarps, props, flyovers, flags, and more. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to elevate your performances to new heights. to new heights. We started as a printing and billboard company and we are proud to continue using the printing technologies which you’ve grown accustomed to on the highway, to make sure you’re seen from the floor or the field  


  1. Our Products and Services


At DPG, we understand the importance of outfitting your ensemble with the finest marching arts apparel to create impactful performances. Our extensive range of products caters to indoor percussion, color guard, and modern marching band groups. Here’s what you can expect from us: 


 Comprehensive Selection for Every Need 


From intricate color guard uniforms that captivate audiences to durable marching band uniforms that withstand rigorous performances all while staying lightweight and breathable, DPG offers a comprehensive selection to meet all your visual production needs. 




That’s right, you heard it correctly! Remember WGT (Winter Guard Tarps)…THAT”S US! 


Though our larger company has its roots in billboard printing, we take that same technology and bring it to the floor. Winterguard Tarps and Indoor Percussion floors are our passion. With color-popping designs to meet your wildest dream, our winter floors and tarps can bring your thoughts to reality. Want to use a tarp on the field? We can do that! Want to have an intricate design on the floor to have those judges in awe, we’ve got your back! 

Pulse Percussion 2023 Floor Tarp, brought to you by DPG

Color Guard, Indoor Percussion, and Winds Costumes: Inspiring Creativity and Precision 


Our color guard costumes and indoor percussion uniforms along with our winds costumes can make or break the General Effect of your show. Our guard costumes are designed to enhance the visual storytelling of your performance through printing technologies which allow your colorguard, indoor percussion or winds ensemble the ability to be seen crystal clear, no matter the vantage point. Crafted with attention to detail and durability, these costumes empower performers to express themselves with confidence and precision. 

  Flags and Costumes as seen on Desoto Central HS (MS)




Style yourself up with our Indoor Percussion Uniforms and Winds Costumes

















Marching Band Uniforms: Uniting Performers with Style 


DPG’s marching band uniforms strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. If you want a Traditional Marching Band Uniform or more of a costume design, we can fit your dreams into your marching ensemble’s unique identity and enhance your General Effect.  Our uniforms not only enhance visual appeal but also foster unity and pride among performers. 

Want a modern touch on a traditional classic? Check out our Emergence Series Uniforms

Comparison of Costumes and Modern Marching Band Uniforms 




 Modern Marching Band Uniforms 

Design Options 

Customizable designs to suit your theme 

Traditional and contemporary designs available 


Lightweight and durable materials 

Sturdy construction for long-lasting wear. Breathable. 


Designed for ease of movement 

Tailored for comfort and performance, but won’t take away your bands ability to move 

Visual Impact 

Eye-catching embellishments and color matching to make sure every aspect of your visual identiy matches 

Classic aesthetics with modern flair and technology 

Customization Options 

Personalized branding and design elements. Hide and easter egg you may want 

Custom sizing and branding options available. If you need more in the future as your band grows, you can send us one of your current uniforms in, and we will COLOR MATCH 




Cutting-Edge Props and Equipment 


Want to look like the Bluecoats? How about The Mandarins? Take your performance to the next level with our cutting-edge props and equipment. Whether you need custom-designed props or high-quality flags and flyovers, DPG has you covered with innovative solutions that leave a lasting impression. Our flags pop like no other flag due to our colors and durability. Want to design yourself or let one of our experts design it for you? Or would you like to use maybe a Shutterstock image? We can do IT ALL! 

Want to look like the Bluecoats? DPG is a proud sponsor of the Bluecoats and we can help you look like them, or fit your ideal props into your marching band show



Quick and Efficient Ordering Process 


Streamline your purchasing experience with our quick and efficient ordering process. Our sales and customer service team are experts in the Marching Arts and take you through every step of the way.  


  1. Why Choose DPG?


When you choose DPG, you’re choosing excellence, reliability, and innovation. Here’s why we stand out in the industry: 


  • Unmatched Quality: We take pride in delivering products of the highest quality, crafted with precision and attention to detail to withstand the rigors of performance. 
  • Innovative Designs: Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative designs in floors, tarps, marching band props, uniforms, costumes and more that push the boundaries of visual storytelling in the marching arts. 
  • Customization Options: Whether you’re looking for custom sizing, branding, or design elements, we offer a range of customization options to suit your ensemble’s unique needs. Are you ready to just choose your options? Head to our shop and get started today! 
  • Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of timely delivery for your performances. Count on us to deliver your gear promptly and efficiently, so you can focus on perfecting your routines. We use FEDEX for our shipping.  


  1. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


At DPG, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing exceptional service and support every step of the way. From initial consultation to post-purchase assistance, we strive to exceed your expectations and ensure a seamless experience. 


  1. Contact Us Today


Ready to elevate your visual productions with DPG? Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore our range of products and services. 


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