You spend hours designing your silks, why leave the pole to chance? Design your total colorguard or winterguard flag from tip to tip with DPG Pole Wraps! Made of self-adhesive vinyl, and custom designed to match your flag silk. Match the top tip to the top of the silk, and create a seamless transition from sleeve to bottom tip. Choose from a solid color, ombre effects, or even a custom printed design that matches your flag! Save when you buy custom printed DPG Flags & Pole Wraps together!

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Why DPG Pole Wraps?

Is finding tape to match your flag silks a constant struggle? Are you tired of trying to find the perfect color? The DPG Pole Wrap solves those problems! Match your tip to the top of the silk. Choose a solid color, ombre, gradient, or a custom design to go with your silk. Create a seamless transition from pole to bottom tip. Never struggle to find the right tape again!

Installing your DPG Pole Wraps is easy! 

Learn how to apply your pole wraps to your colorguard flags to create a beautiful look that will last the whole season!

  1. First, attach your flag to the pole as you normally would, taping the silk to the pole at the top and tab.
  2. Match your pole wrap up to the top of the tape at the tab, to just past the bottom of the pole. If needed, trim any excess from your pole wrap. Pro Tip: If you have a design continuing from the tab, be sure to trim at the bottom of the wrap!
  3. Remove the backing from the pole wrap.
  4. Begin by pressing the pole wrap to the pole from top to bottom and smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles as you go. Continue working up and down the length of the pole as you turn it, and smoothing out the vinyl as you go.
  5. Install and tape your bolts and stoppers as you normally would.
  6. Remove the backing from your tip cover, and begin applying from pole side, smoothing it out as you work around the tip.
  7. Cut on the lines at the top, and push each strip down as you work around the top. Repeat for the other stopper.

See DPG Pole Wraps in Action!

Friendswood High School (TX)

“The wraps were so easy to put on, no students struggled to use the tape. I twas the right amount per strip, so easy to handle, super easy to take off, and it matched our silks so perfectly! 10/10 highly recommend! I will 100% be using these again! It made our flags look so beautiful and it was one less thing to stress out about! Great Product!

-Stephanie Chavez

Davenport High School (TX)

“It really made a big difference in the look of our flags having it exactly match pole to flag.”

-Kim Booher

Sebastian River High School (FL)

“They definitely made the silk pop way more and it made it feel like an evolved version of the flag/pole combination. Definitely added more to the show.”

-Bryan Ayala

Reverie Independent Open

“The color palettes matched the flags perfectly, and they had no problem staying connected to the pole and being large enough to cover all of it.”

Seminole High School (FL)

South Florida Winterguard (FL)

John Paul Stevens High School (TX)

Klein Cain High School (TX)

Want to Try Pole Wraps Yourself? 

DPG Pole Wrap designs are included with every standard colorguard flag order, or you can work with one of our artists to make your vision come to life.

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